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“Ellie, you’re too good at being a Christian to be Catholic.”

2 Apr

I didn’t really mean for my co-workers to even find out I became Catholic. I mean, I wasn’t going to hide it from them, but I honestly thought they wouldn’t even care. So (as with nearly everyone else), I’ve freely talked about the Church when it’s come up, but I haven’t intentionally pushed it into everyone’s faces. Even as a Protestant I preferred to share my beliefs in actions and allow the Holy Spirit to make ways for conversations.

So last night at work I was making calls to raise money for a scholarship here at my school. It was a pretty typical night…lots of hang-ups, swear words, and just generally grumpy people. And then one man answered the phone with a courteous “Hello.” [As a side note: I get paid to be nice to people on the phone, so I really appreciate it when they’re nice back. Even just a “Hello” instead of “What do you want?” can perk up my night.]

I  asked him how his night was going, and then he shared a story with me that broke my heart – a story of loneliness and pain that just made me hurt inside for him. One of the nice things about working at a Christian university is that they encourage us to listen to these stories, and then if the person we’ve called is willing, we get to pray with them. I love this part of my job, because it honestly feels like the most worthwhile thing I do.

After I hung up the call, I sat and dried my eyes and was quiet for a few seconds as I got ready to make my next call. I looked over at the girl sitting next to me. She was shaking her head.

“You’re so good at this. I don’t understand why you would want to give it up. Seriously, Ellie, you’re too good at being a Christian to be Catholic.”

Meanwhile I was thinking, “Uhh Holy Spirit, I guess I wasn’t done with you yet…words please?”

To which He responded: “Just smile at her and then turn around and make your next call.”


Hardest Day of My Life…

27 Mar

At 10 PM last night someone at my school made a website where you can anonymously submit a post. It was supposed to be a secret admirer thing or something. But it turned into a place for people to say all of the racist, sexist, cruel things that tend to come out when anonymity is involved.

I was furious when I heard some of the things that my Christian peers were saying – that they wished someone would get divorced so they could have her, that they wished someone would die, that they it would be funny if the deaf kid walked out in the street and couldn’t hear a horn honking and therefore got run over.

I was also ashamed to be counted as a student here.

This is Holy Week. This is the week when we’re supposed to be honoring what our Lord did for us, and instead I felt like I could only hear echoes of Crucify Him! Crucify Him!

There wasn’t a thing my school could do about it.

So five of us decided we were going to take this website on. We started with posts of our own – about our desire to be a group of people who love others and who desire to respect and be respected, about the need to use humor appropriately and at the right place and time, and about how this is not what Jesus wants.

Our posts were answered with taunts – those directed at me were of course about my conversion.

Then we began to pray that people (especially the site administrator) would think about the things we had said.

And at 4 PM this afternoon, the site was deleted.

I’m happy that the battle is over…but the damage is already done. Over 1,000 posts were made on that site in the 18 hours it existed.

How does our campus begin to heal now?