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When we concentrate too much on something that isn’t right, and make it our main topic of conversation, we end up giving evil more substance than it has. Deploring evil sometimes only strengthens it … We do more to help others experience conversion and make progress by encouraging them in the positive aspects of their lives than by condemning their errors. Good is more real than evil, and it overcomes evil.

Fr. Jacque Philippe


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  1. geloruma March 11, 2013 at 9:00 am #

    I do like this post,
    I wondered what sentence preceeded the quote – I mentally substituted ” In personal relationships…
    Hubby and I took this approach for years with his parents – we took years of abuse from them becasue we attended church, and just sucked it in and said nothing, in the hope they’d change. Instead they started bringing their non -religious views into our home and upsetting the children; we realised the best thing all around was to
    let them be, as we owed it to our children. Now we just pray for them – (I hope some others here might too) I agree that God is more powerful than evil, though I couldn’t say evil was any less “real”.

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